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Peru coming soon

We have planned a 3 weeks visit to Peru in October 2018. The first part of the trip we will stay in Northern Peru, flying from Lima to Tarapoto.  Here we will stay and explore some interesting places like ACONABIKH, a private reserve located in the Cordillera Escalera, near the city of Tarapoto. This reserve protects 40 hectares (700-900 meters above sea level) of rain forest in the Regional Conservation Area Cordillera Escalera.

We will stay in the Waqanki reserve with a large variety of habitats, including hill forest and outlying ridges, sandy soil forest and savannah/scrub. Another reserve we will visit is the Arena Blanca Reserve, an area of ​​tropical montane wet forest to 1.146 meters high. Adjoins the Alto Mayo Protected Forest and the Rio Serranoyacu. From there it is a short drive to Fundo Alto Nieva Private Reserve where we will try to photograph some specialties.

We will visit “La Llanteria” a place at 1.380 m altitude in front of a large parking area, well known by birdwatchers because of the frequent passage of mixed flocks

Finally we will go to the forests at Huembo, where we are going to try to get views and photos of the marvelous Spatuletail Hummingbird

The second part of our trip will spend in the Peruvian Amazon. We will start our trip at Puerto Maldonado.  The first part of our stay will be in Tambopata National Reserve (1,091,416 hectares) which include such habitats as:

  • Large tracts of old-growth Amazonian rainforest with trees 30 meters (90 feet) or more in height.
  • Thick groves of bamboo.
  • Beautiful floodplain rainforests that flood during the wet season and harbor small wetlands.
  • Oxbow lakes.

From there we will go to the Tambopata Research Centre, the most remote jungle lodge in the Amazon. Here we will visit the largest Macaw clay lick of the country, with even a good chance to see a Jaguar or Ocelot. We will explore the floodplain and Terra Firme Forest with several interesting trails and a riparian Habitat with chances to see Anacondas.

Hopefully I can extend my collection of Owl photographs because several evening walks are planned to find some interesting new species.