Dusky Striped Squirrel


The dusky striped squirrel Funambulus obscurus

is a small squirrel endemic to Sri Lanka and is largely confined to rainforests in the south western "wet zone" of the island with higher rainfall than the rest of the island. It is known as  "batu lena" in the Sinhala language.

A diurnal forest dweller, this species is sometimes found close to human dwellings or tea plantations at the edge of forests. Plants like Bamboo, ''Strobilanthes'' and Cardamom are associated with them in forest or forest edge contexts. They are known to live in bamboo and though often observed close to the ground, will also forage on the tree tops, often associating in bird waves . This is a highly alert and timid species, and just a snap of sound will cause them to hide within dense cover, sometimes making audible alarm calls. But they can become tame and can be observed in the field if the observer is silent.


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