Common (Southern) Reedbuck


The Common (Southern) Reedbuck (Redunca arundinum) is a diurnal antelope typically found in southern Africa.
They have a wide distribution, stretching from Gabon and Tanzania to South Africa. Their range seems to extend to the Miombo woodlands on the north. They inhabit moist grasslands with tall grass, reeds, sufficient cover, and water nearby, such as floodplains, pastures, woodlands, and valleys. The coat is silky and almost woolly. The color of its coat ranges between light- and greyish-brown and may be lighter on the neck and chest. A small, black, bare glandular patch can be noticed at the base of each ear. White fur covers the underparts and the areas near the lips and chin.  Females lack horns. Males bear forward-curving horns, with the base having a distinct band of pale, rubbery tissue.


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