Narrow-striped Mongoose


The Narrow-striped Mongoose (Mungotictis decemlineata) is endemic to Madagascar. It inhabits the Madagascar dry deciduous forests in western and southwestern Madagascar. They are diurnal creatures, spending a lot of time at the open savannas or in the trees, all dependent on the kind of season (dry or wet). In the summer (the wet season) they can be found sleeping in tree holes, while in the winter (the dry season) they are found in their burrows.
Their diet mainly consists of insects and other small creatures, but they are known to eat eggs, rodents, birds and snakes, even a small lemur-like the Gray Mouse Lemur! On the other hand, they are known to peacefully co-exist with another type of lemur, the Sportive lemurs.
They are monogamous and a female individual is pregnant for about 3 months, after which she produces a single young.



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