Saddle-backed Tamarin


The Saddle-backed Tamarin (Saguinus fuscicollis) is a small primate that lives in South America. It is also sometimes known as the Brown-mantled Tamarin or Saddleback Tamarin. These little monkeys are related to but are larger than marmosets.
There are many subspecies, so the Saddle-backed Tamarin coloring can vary greatly but generally, this monkey’s shoulders, forelegs, and tail are a darker color, while it's back and hip area are a mixture of black, yellow and orange hair. The underside of this monkey is usually a dark red. However, the main coloring of different subspecies of the Saddle-back Tamarin can also be bright orange, black or white. Some of the lighter monkeys may actually appear to be all one color.
These monkeys are diurnal, meaning they are most active during the day, and they live on a diet of fruits, insects, nectar, tree gums, and flowers. They will also dine on small animals and frogs.
Their preferred habitat is the lower layers and the understory of primary, as well as secondary forests. Saddle-backed Tamarins move on the ground by walking and running on all fours. In the trees, they swing from branch to branch, and they also use their strong claws to scramble up trees.



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